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AlienTechSol Web Development Company
Hello We are Xenotrons, IT Solutions Provider from Ahmedabad, Gujarat India!

AlienTechSol is a fast growing multi-skilled software service provider. We provide distinctive IT solutions and services which are unique in the market.

We at AlienTechSol want to achieve a pre-dominant presence in Information Technology Industry, providing Innovative IT Solutions with the help of best IT Professionals. We are an Ahmedabad based Company providing software solutions like Website Development, SEO, Mobile Application, E-commerce Solutions, 3rd Party API Integration, Business Intelligence & ERP Solutions to the Global Village Of Information Technology.

AlienTechSol has been in the field of Software Development since July 2014 and with the help of quality Software Developers we are thriving towards becoming one of the finest Software Development Company. The technologies used by us, help our clients to build stronger, more effective and more innovative business. We assist our clients enhance their productivity by safeguarding that crucial business functions work faster, cheaper and better.

AlienTechSol is focused on its prime objective to deliver high quality solutions at affordable cost by adopting the most pertinent and advanced technologies, henceforth building trust-based relationships with our clients.

  • 95%

    Web Development

  • 80%


  • 80%

    E-Commerce Solutions

  • 70%

    Mobile Application

  • 70%

    UI/UX Design



  • 100+

    Statisfied Customers

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  • 2500+

    Cutting Chai

Technologies We Deal With

We develop Websites Based On PHP backend & frontend. PHP is the core technology of our company.


We develop websites using the Laravel Framework for our Customers. We are group of dedicated Laravel Developers in Ahmedabad Gujarat India


We have a team of experienced Wordpress Developers who have been building websites since alteast two years on the Wordpress Framework


Google's Superpowerful Javascript Framework AngularJS is the most loved framework amongst all the technologies at AlienTechSol. AngularJS is our expertise and we are proud enough to brag about it.


We develop apps on the Ionic Platform for our Clients


We develop apps on the Phone Platform for our Clients


We develop apps on the Android Platform for our Clients


One of the best Technologies for Ecommerce is also one of the most used frameworks at AlienTechSol for Ecommerce Development


We develop apps on the IOS Platform for our Clients


Similar to Wordpress we have equally qualified developers for the Joomla Framework


A Wonderful Backend Support is all we want.


We have experience of the Java Platform and are ready to develop JSP sites for our customers


We develop Web Applications based on .NET Technology



Hamza Dairywala - AlienTechSol

Hamza Dairywala is a born developer who is highly pro-active, always looking for the next risk or the next opportunity to add value to your organizational project.

Hamza Dairywala

CEO, Developer, & Co-Founder

Murtuza Sugarwala - AlienTechSol

Murtuza Sugarwala is a person with the enormous thoughts. Skilled at spotting open doors no one else does, he generally discovers additionally fascinating and more viable methods for getting results. He is the poet of the programming world, whose code is a work of art that can be appreciated and analysed.

Murtuza Sugarwala

CTO, Analyst, & Co-Founder

Alimohammed Contractor - AlienTechsol

Alimohammed Contractor gets stuff done. With an intimate knowledge of business alike, he’s the glue that keeps AlienTechSol together and makes sure that delivery happens, every time. He is the one who maintains customer-relationship with outside world.

Alimohammed Contractor

COO, Business Developer, & Co-Founder

Hamza Dairywala - AlienTechSol

Burhanuddin Sodawala is a creative artist whose canvas is not just limited to mobile devices but also he is very efficient at satisfying client requirements.

Burhanuddin Sodawala

BDM, Android Developer

Sunny Panchal - AlienTechSol

He is a workaholic that goes beyond the call of duty to deliver the product and takes great pride in his work. Very much an introvert, he feels most comfortable in the world of code and programming jargon.

Sunny Panchal

OffShore Analyst

 Ashish Vala - AlienTechSol

Ashish, a Coder by profession but Designer by Heart. He will be as energetic about your business as he is about his specialty. Sketch your thought and he will draw the story.

Ashish Vala

UI Designer

Mahesh Gadhiya - AlienTechSol

Mahesh Gadhiya is a person who loves programming. He is the one who inspires everyone and spreads positive energy in working environment. Easy to get along with and does not bring down team morale.

Mahesh Gadhiya


Mahesh Gadhiya - AlienTechSol

Mufaddal Makada is a person who is always ready for the challenging task and finds the most cost effective solution for the complex tasks

Mufaddal Makada



  I was having a trouble with a particular E-commerce site, until I posted a message on the forum and had an immediate response from AlienTechSol, who figured out a way to do what I needed. Amazing job. Congratulations to all the team at AlienTechSol.  
- Huzefa Pardawala On Behalf Of Shirazee Traders
  Simply the best support I''ve ever experienced from an IT company!  
- Trendozz Team
  They understand and adapt to our culture instead of trying to change our culture. They understand our needs and how we go about doing things, and they are flexible to adapt to that.  
- Mustafa Dahodwala On Behalf Of M.D. Artificial Flowers


  • Head Office

    Address :

    308 Shan Complex,Near Ellis Bridge Police Station, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006

    Contact Number :

    +91 - 9737767123 (Sales)
    +91 - 9998850914 (Sales)
    +91 - 8866191402 (Support)

  • Location